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    End to End Visibility & Control for Logistics Providers

    Delhivery’s E-Commerce Courier Services

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    Since 2011, Delhivery has emerged as one of India’s leading logistics and supply chain services company in part by leveraging high standards of operations, facilities, and technologies. Technology optimizes everything we do. Over the past decade we have developed solutions focussed on improving operations, reducing fulfillment costs, and powering delivery of over one billion parcel and freight orders. Today, we are offering our technology to help other logistics companies set up, operate and optimize their networks and operations.

    Delhivery’s E-Commerce Courier Services


    Logistics providers and their customers need real-time visibility. The Logistics OS is designed to solve these problems. It all begins with utilizing our platform service for expedited setup and cloud maintenance. The Logistics OS is fully configurable with ready to use workflows and visualization tooklits. This will enable logistics providers to seamlessly onboard resources, build new service offerings, and access real-time information from their network. The Logistics OS provides solutions which are easy to configure, monitor all activities, and help inform continuous improvement from partners, worlkflows, and decision-making. The Logistics OS comes pre-packaged with Delhivery’s proprietary location, product cartegory, and network intelligence toolkits, along with a roadmap to enable plugins for integrations with external/ third party optimization software, accounting, and ERP tools, etc. in future releases.