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Supply Chain Logistics

With global trade rising rapidly, supply chain logistics provides the framework for the swift growth of global trade. At Delhivery, we provide supply chain solutions through a perfectly organized network of warehousing, inventory, and transportation. Capitalizing on the available modes of transportation, Delhivery makes use of strategically designed warehousing facilities for exceptional management of our inventory and assets. With our networks established throughout national and international borders, Delhivery has grown to be one of India’s best supply chain solution providers that deliver top-notch services to customers at highly competitive prices.



  • Proactive Utilization of Big Data: With the insights it offers, data proves to be an integral aspect of our supply chains. Everything from identifying inefficiencies, creating proposed solutions, and implementing them can be achieved with the proactive use of big data.
  • Inventory Optimization: Our inventory optimization helps us with an accurate and precise forecast for higher operational efficiency.
  • Flexibility and Adaptability: The ability to change and adapt to local and global industry trends that have a direct impact on supply chain dynamics.
  • Rapid Fulfilment: Instant gratification is very important for the modern-day customer. Better connectivity and precise, real-time shipping and tracking details help us provide just that.

Major building blocks of Supply Chain Services at Delhivery


Delhivery is among the best courier service for e-commerce in India. Some of the key features are:

Delhivery’s E-Commerce Courier Services

With multiple transportation options, Delhivery is able to cater to a wider set of customers. Apart from multiple options for transportation, customers are also given the option to not only schedule pickups but also track their orders in real-time. They can also manage returns and replacements with ease. What’s more, is the flexibility that we offer to our customers in regards to delivery time and payment; all of these advantages contribute to making our supply chain services more apt for the Indian customer base**.

Furthermore, the provision of full and less than truckload services help us cater to customer’s freight requirements and deliver more efficiently.

Delhivery’s E-Commerce Courier Services


Another very important aspect of supply chain logistics is warehousing. At Delhivery, warehousing is governed by a system that helps with efficient management of inventory and freight. Here are some of the key warehousing aspects of Delhivery:

  • Inventory Control: Our multiple warehouses cater to different types of inventory that helps with better management of large amounts of inventory to ensure effective and efficient deliveries of goods.
  • In-house warehouse management system: Delhivery’s integration of the warehouse management system with all its major courier partners and demand channels not only helps with quicker deliveries but also enables an efficient multi-location and multi-tenant warehousing. This allows our clients to flexibly and quickly scale their operations across the country with no fixed costs.
  • Economic Benefit: Delhivery offers an integrated solution for distributions to multiple enterprises. This is done by utilizing our freight and warehousing solutions which facilitates quicker offline distribution while being extremely cost-efficient.

While Delhivery’s warehousing systems allow for efficient maintenance of inventory, our data analysis, on the other hand, helps in minimizing the risks of shipment delays.


    As a part of our vision at Delhivery, we aim at enabling businesses and individuals across the nation with tools that help to participate in the massive digital supply chain logistics market that is growing rapidly in India. Delhivery with its ongoing expansion has its domestic services spread throughout 19400+ postal codes within India; now moving to service clients internationally. Today, our branches can be found in the Middle East, Europe, Africa, Australia, USA, China and, of course, India.

    Delhivery’s E-Commerce Courier Services