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Don’t let fear of e-commerce logistics stop you from building a world-class brand

JULY 2, 2021

While speaking of building a brand, the last thing that any small business owner might think about is e-commerce logistics. They might think of a logo, colours, advertisements, website copy etc., but shipping and transportation? Really?

Well, yes.

Most small and medium enterprises (SMEs) today rely on aggregators for their market reach. They list their products on marketplaces, hoping to find these platforms when users search for them. In the process, they lose out on many things.

You can’t present your products the way you want

Marketplaces look for consistency. So, all products are listed in the exact same manner. More often than not, the customer is making decisions based on the price of the product and not the quality. This can impact customer experience.

You’re no different from your competition

Let’s say you make artisanal fountain pens. When you list in a marketplace, every fountain pen maker is your competitor. With an marketplace, your customer is repeatedly distracted away from your product.

You have no visibility into your customers

When you list in a marketplace, the buyer is not your customer but theirs. You have little to no information about the customer’s needs and preferences. You have limited scope to offer personalised experiences, cross-sell or up-sell to them, even maintain a relationship with them. You’re at the mercy of the marketplace to reach your own customers!

You share your profits with the marketplace

All marketplaces take a portion of the money you make to allow you to list on their platform. In most cases, you’re not incurring cost for visibility — like you would if you published an advertisement, for example — but are sharing your profits with them.

As more and more small businesses are moving online, they are realising that relying solely on e-commerce marketplaces is a flawed strategy in the long term.

While it offers a wider market reach, it doesn’t contribute to strengthening the business. The more you rely on marketplaces, the more you’re putting yourself at their mercy.

Yet small businesses continue to use marketplaces alone for fear of one thing: e-commerce logistics

  • How can I accept, process, ship and track hundreds of orders each month?
  • What would happen if my sales go up in the future?
  • How would I handle spikes in orders during specific seasons or sale times?
  • Will my shipping logistics company deliver my products safely and on time?
  • What if the shipping logistics costs eat into my profits?
  • What if my logistics provider can’t deliver to my customer’s location?
  • I don’t have a warehouse to offer same-day or next-day deliveries!

For every small business conducting business online, the fear of managing logistics is real. Because logistics is not just about couriering something, it is the backbone of a well-run business.

When the logistics of your e-commerce business is taken care of, you have the freedom to launch your own brand. This is exactly what several of Delhivery’s SME customers are doing. They are setting up their own storefront — a simple website with Shopify integration is all it takes. And they’re leaving their e-commerce logistics to Delhivery SME.

Delhivery SME is an e-commerce logistics solution designed exclusively for small and medium businesses.

It offers three things:

E-commerce logistics

Our teams pick up, pack, transport and deliver your products across 17000+ pin codes. You no longer need multiple couriers to deliver to different parts of the country — Delhivery can handle them all.

Large packages, sensitive items — you name it, we can ship it. Our warehousing and transportation teams have experience handling various kinds of products.

We offer cash-on-delivery services across all locations. As an up and coming small business, cash-on-delivery offers your customers an opportunity to try your products without risk. With Delhivery, you can ship your products, trusting us to collect cash while delivering.

We import and export products too. Artisans in niche Indian arts and handicrafts have global demand. You can ship high-value, intricate items to any part of the world with Delhivery.


Amazon or Flipkart don’t track their orders on spreadsheets or papers, neither should you. We bring e-commerce grade logistics technology for your small business.

  • You can place orders and view your shipment status from a simple, user-friendly mobile app.
  • Customers can track their orders themselves or receive SMS/email notifications with progress
  • Easy integrations with platforms like Shopify help you automate your logistics effortlessly.
  • Our advanced data science capabilities enable you to get deeper insights into your business in real-time.
  • Warehouse and inventory management is digitised, offering you complete visibility and control.

Customer service

Our customer support lines are open 24x7 should you need any help.

With e-commerce logistics now available to every small business owner, you no longer need to limit your opportunities to marketplaces alone. You can open your own web store, launch a mobile app, sell on Facebook/Instagram, you can even take orders on WhatsApp!

With Delhivery, the possibilities are endless. To boldly expand the digital footprint of your small business, speak to a Delhivery executive today.

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