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From warehouse to doorstep: Life of a shipment with Delhivery

JULY 22, 2021

Hello, world! I am an exquisite Tanjore painting. My artist in Bangalore has meticulously painted me in red and embellished with gold plates all over. I am set within a wooden frame, covered by a sheet of glass. A patron from Delhi has ordered me for her new home. She has asked for express shipping. I’m getting ready to go there.

Delhivery pick up from the artist’s studio

The Delhivery associates are here at my artist’s studio to pick me up. “We live in strange times,” they are all saying. The Delhivery associate is wearing two masks, gloves and other protective gear — performing a ‘low-contact’ pickup.

Verifying serviceability

Given the pandemic, there are many lockdowns and containment zones across the country. My artist doesn’t want to be shipping a package if it can’t be delivered. So, they are making sure that the location of the buyer is serviceable.

They enter the buyer’s address into their mobile phone. The app is checking if it is a containment zone. Voila! It’s not. We are ready to go.

Packaging at pickup location

They’re now packing me to be safely transported. Bubble wrap is rustling, a cardboard box is brought in and they’re using tape to make sure all ends are neatly sealed. They have also added a sticker that says ‘fragile’ to make sure everyone knows that I’m precious!

First-mile transport to Delhivery’s warehouse

Delhivery associates are taking me to their local warehouse. “You can track the status of this parcel in real-time on the app,” the Delhivery associate told my artist. She seemed pleased.

Safe storage in the Delhivery warehouse

I have arrived at Delhivery’s warehouse in Bangalore. It is clean and organised, with shelves neatly lined with packages going to all corners of the country. They enter my details and location into Delhivery’s proprietary warehouse management system . All the shipping logistics are taken care of here.

Fastest route to the destination

They are figuring out the fastest route to the buyer’s house using their intelligent analytics engine, which considers multiple modes of transport. As I’m tagged as express shipping, I get priority service. I am taking a flight to Delhi.

Safe onboarding to destination

Delhivery associates carefully loaded me in a truck and brought me to the airport where I am boarding the domestic flight to Delhi. They’ve sent an SMS to my artist confirming that I’m on the route.

Arriving at destination city

I have reached Delhivery’s warehouse in Delhi, among a sea of packages. We are being carefully sorted as per our location. They enter my information into the transport management system, which schedules pickups and deliveries effectively. They notice I’m express shipping, so they’ve arranged for me to be sent out instantly.

Connecting through the hub

Big cities like Delhi have multiple warehouses, in a hub-and-spoke model. I’ve now reached the hub, from which I’ll go to the distribution centre nearest to my buyer’s home.

Last-mile delivery

At the distribution centre, I am being loaded in a small truck to go to the buyer’s home. “Fragile hai, sambhalke,” they are saying to each other. They are slowly and carefully loading me onto the vehicle. We’re on the way.

We have reached, finally, at the doorstep of my owner. The Delhivery associate is again geared up in double-mask, gloves etc. and is carrying me to the door for low-contact delivery. The buyers are checking the package and finding that everything is intact.

They enjoy my beauty for a couple of minutes before they remember to sign the form and thank my delivery associate. The associate initiates OTP for doorstep delivery. The customer verifies. The associate confirms that the order has already been paid for and the entire transaction has been cashless. He thanks the buyer and leaves them to enjoy the painting.

Updating the seller

Meanwhile, in Bangalore, my artist has received a notification that the order has been delivered and cash collected.

Choose Delhivery SME for your shipping logistics

The artist of this delightful Tanjore painting is one of the lakhs of small business owners who are shipping their products with Delhivery. Whether it’s a simple notebook, fragile painting, large furniture or hazardous substance, Delhivery takes immense care in making sure that the products reach the customer safe and sound. We deliver to 17000+ pin codes, through our 80+ state-of-the-art fulfilment centres.

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