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How Delhivery Ensures Millions of Packages Are Delivered Accurately Each Month

AUGUST 6, 2021

Recently, Delhivery celebrated the delivery of our one-billionth order. In the last decade, we’ve served over 525 million households across 2825+ cities and 19400+ pin codes in India, in addition to 17,000+ businesses. We work with some of the world’s largest e-commerce companies as well as thousands of small and medium enterprises (SMEs) in shipping and logistics.

We are able to achieve unmatched accuracy and efficiency — at this scale and variety — primarily because of two critical investments: Technology foundations and processes.

Our technology foundations help us monitor, understand and automate tasks. Our processes make it repeatable and efficient. In an earlier blog post, we discussed the day in the life of a shipment to show the customer experience while working with Delhivery. Today, we’re opening the curtains to offer a peek into how our B2C fulfilment services work.

#1 Fulfilment centre

Whether large furniture or delicate jewellery, all orders first come to one of the 67+ Delhivery fulfilment centres. We pick, pack and ship packages from this location. We also store packages here for safekeeping. Our warehouse management solution plays a crucial role in identifying the right storage shelves, tracking package movement, making shipping decisions etc.

#2 Processing centre

The processing centre sorts, bags and prepares packages for shipping. Delhivery’s cross belt hybrid sorters automatically segregate, bag and group packages as per their delivery cities. Apart from the packages from the fulfilment centre, the processing centre also receives pre-packed consignments directly from marketplace clients or seller warehouses.

#3 Origin hub

Along with the processing centre, the origin hub acts as a gateway facility for Delhivery’s logistics function. It collates products from various sources into a single location. Delhivery has 68+ hubs across the country, all of which double up as origin and destination hubs. Here, we sort packages as per destination, connect to the network of their destination city and dispatch them on their onward journey.

#4 Destination hub

The destination hub receives packages that are to be delivered in its location, sorts as per pin codes, bags them together and dispatches them to the respective Inter Processing Centre.

#5 Inter processing centre

The inter processing centre works as a smaller hub for specific pin codes. Here, de-bag, sort, re-bag and route packages to their designated dispatch centre. We use vertical sorting frames, with designated bag slots for each location, for quick and convenient sorting and re-bagging.

#6 Dispatch centre

This is the last step before the packages reach the customer. Here, we de-bag and sort them for Delhivery’s field executives to pick up. These are organised by locations and delivery routes to optimise efficiency. Our field executives take it to the doorstep of every customer to perform no-contact deliveries.

Leveraging our B2C fulfilment capabilities for small businesses

Small and medium enterprises are the backbone of the Indian economy, growing at a rapid pace across sectors. The pandemic has accelerated the growth of small businesses selling their products digitally through their website, marketplaces, WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram and more! The expansion opportunities both locally and abroad are endless.

However, the biggest challenge SMEs face in leveraging e-commerce as their predominant channel is shipping and logistics. With distributed courier partners, suboptimal processes, lack of operations visibility, inflexible payment structures, etc., SMEs struggle to fulfil their orders.

Delhivery SME, our exclusive solution for small and medium enterprises, is designed to bring the strengths of e-commerce grade logistics to every entrepreneur in the country.

To see how Delhivery SME can transform your small business operations, speak to our consultant today.

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