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How Delhivery is Powering the Packaged Foods Revolution

NOVEMBER 5, 2021

What comes to mind when we say, “packaged foods”? If you’re thinking of potato chips, instant noodles and puliogare mixes, you’re probably not familiar with the gourmet revolution that is underway. In May last year, Conde Nast Traveller, a leading food and lifestyle magazine, made a listicle of "25 Indian food brands that are world-class”. It includes companies that make chocolate, cheese, coffee, Kombucha and more!

This list is only the beginning. Manufacturing and selling canned foods like jams and pasta sauce, packaged products like cookies and biscuits, sports supplements, nutrition products, sweets, chocolates, even pet supplies, several small boutique brands are emerging all over the country. Their key differentiators are:

Premium products: Even everyday goods like papads or pasta sauce are hand-made with high-quality ingredients focusing on health and taste.

Enthusiastic customers: The buyers of these packaged food items are enthusiasts or connoisseurs willing to pay a premium for organic, high-quality, customised products.

Direct to consumer model: Unlike mass-market brands, premium packaged foods brands sell directly to consumers, often on a recurring subscription basis.

SMEs are spearheading this revolution. They are competing against global conglomerates who already have extensive manufacturing capabilities, distribution and promotional budgets.

To be truly successful in this market, SMEs need to deliver exceptional customer experience.

The first step in this process is a delicious product, which you already have. As the next step, you need to ensure a stellar customer experience at every touchpoint in the customer journey: From the moment they hear about you, all the way to supply chain and logistics, last-mile delivery, returns and refunds too.

At Delhivery, we strive to be the kind of logistics and supply chain management partner that enables a seamless customer experience for you. Delhivery SME, our small business-focussed e-commerce logistics solution, is designed to deliver precisely that. To make your customer experience is exceptional, we promise three things:

  • Speed of delivery
  • Safety and structural integrity of the package
  • Seamless last-mile delivery

Let’s look at them one by one.

Speed of delivery

Your customers don’t like to wait for their products too long. To get the product to their hand as soon as possible, we offer:

Automated pickup booking: You can integrate your order management system with the Delhivery app to automatically book the first-mile pickup from your warehouses. You’ll waste no time in freight shipping!

Express delivery: With same-day/next-day/slot-based delivery options, Delhivery ensures significantly faster delivery. If you can make it, we can ship it!

Real-time tracking: Customer can track their packages themselves online without having to call you. Once you’ve handed it to us, we’ll ensure your customer gets all the information they seek.

Safety and structural integrity of the package

Packaged foods can’t be handled the way a book or a plastic toy can be. It needs special care and attention. Delhivery SME ensures precisely that.

Appropriate packaging: In addition to shipping and transportation, Delhivery SME also offers packaging solutions customised to your product and needs.

  • We use bubble wrap, plastic sheets, cardboard, and tape to pack your products safely.
  • We design the packaging for your products in such a way that there is no spillage or breakage.
  • We take special care if you use fragile items like glass bottles.
  • Customers have reported much lesser damages while choosing Delhivery as their food logistics company.

Temperature control: Our trucks and warehouses are temperature-regulated in compliance with safety standards, ensuring that your packaged foods don’t go through intense heat or cold during transportation. Whether you’re sending frozen yoghurt or gourmet chocolates, they will hold their shape, just the way you made it!

Safety protocols: Our field executives are trained in Delhivery’s well-defined protocols to handle fragile packages, including packaged foods.

Seamless last-mile delivery

We bring together advanced technology and highly trained field executives to ensure that the last-mile delivery is effortlessly smooth. We do this with:

Timely communication: Your customers will receive SMS and email notifications about upcoming deliveries ahead of time. This way, they can plan their day to be available to receive the package or reschedule to a convenient time.

GPS tracking system: Unlike a standard courier company, we leverage advanced GPS technology to enable our field executives to identify your customer’s exact location. This way, we won’t call them multiple times for directions, they just get to the doorstep and call once.

Minimising returns: We use state-of-the-art return-to-origin (RTO) predictors to know in advance if a product will be undeliverable. We also use OTPs to ensure delivery to the right person. This way, we’ve reduced returns significantly and dramatically minimised false attempts and fake remarks on your brand.

Ship your packaged foods with Delhivery SME

At Delhivery, we understand that food supply chain management and logistics are an integral part of your customer experience. We don’t see ourselves as your courier company. In fact, we believe we are partners in your entrepreneurial journey. Delhivery SME is designed with that in mind.

To know more about how Delhivery SME can augment your customer experience, speak to a consultant today.

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