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How international shipping services can open up opportunities for small and medium enterprises

JULY 2, 2021

The idea of import/export often conjures up images of multi-million-dollar businesses. Small businesses working from their dining tables or garages think that export is beyond their reach for one single reason: Shipping and logistics services. A few complaints that we hear very often are:

  • International shipping service is very expensive
  • Shipping designer or high-value products is risky
  • There are too many conditions on the type of product that can be shipped
  • Not many courier services accept shipping in small quantities
  • It’s impossible to track shipments internationally
  • Customs/excise is tedious to handle

We heard you. We’ve designed Delhivery SME to help you with all this and more.

Delhivery SME offers exclusive shipping and logistics services for small and medium enterprises (SMEs). We bring Delhivery’s e-commerce grade logistics strengths, data science capabilities, and international shipping services to open up your business to new shores.

What Delhivery SME can do for you

First-mile pick-up

Finding a courier partner who can handle international shipments has always been a hassle for small and medium enterprises. So, every time a small business owner receives an order from abroad, instead of seeing it as an opportunity, they lament it as a chore.

It is precisely this problem that Delhivery SME solves. When you choose Delhivery, you don’t need to worry about logistics at all. Our executives pick up the order from your warehouse or doorstep. You can schedule the pickup of the order through the mobile app according to their time of convenience. Once we’ve picked up, it’s on us.

Handling high-value products

Delhivery is more than just a courier company; it’s your logistics partner. We can help you with packaging, labelling and careful handling of your products as well. Whether it is products of high-value, non-standard shapes, or hazardous substances, our teams are qualified to handle them effectively.

Warehouse management

Small businesses often worry about scale — the increasing costs that come with growing the business. A key factor here is warehouse and inventory. It often incurs huge costs in real estate. Not anymore! With Delhivery, you can share a warehouse with our other customers or get a customized warehouse of your own. We’ll manage it while you grow your business.

Freight management

With our partners, Delhivery SME can take your products to a wide range of countries, with sea or air cargo shipping. We can also enable express shipping with air freight at affordable rates.

Last-mile delivery

Unlike most shipping services organisations, Delhivery SME handles end-to-end transport of your products. This means that Delhivery tracks and manages the last-mile delivery of your products to your customer and facilitates customs clearance.

Real-time tracking

Throughout the journey, we enable visibility into the movement of your products. You can get real-time updates of the packages through our user-friendly app. You can also automate regular updates for your customers via SMS or email.

Trends analysis

Delhivery SME brings e-commerce grade data science capabilities to monitor, measure, analyse and forecast trends for your business. We look at your sales and shipping data to predict future demand, identify areas of improvement and make recommendations for cost savings.

If you’re still thinking of exports as something that is not for small and medium enterprises/cottage industries, it is time to think again.

Artisanal products are growing in demand across the world, particularly among the Indian diaspora. Indigenous Indian styles like kalamkari, madhubani, Tanjore paintings, kondapalli, channapatna toys etc. are gaining popularity across the globe. This is also true for modern and contemporary designer products. You can create a unique brand online, reach customers directly through social media, and fulfil orders internationally.

With the growth of online as a channel, the world is truly your oyster. Whether you sell on your own online storefront or through marketplaces, or on social media channels like Facebook or Instagram, you must consider various international markets for your products. Because with Delhivery, you have the power to ship your products to any corner of the world.

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