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How to get delivery for less: now you can have your ordered delivered at a lower price

JULY 9, 2021

It is not an easy task to transport goods from one place to another – from the origin to the destination. It involves a lot of planning: listing down items that need to be transported, dates and timings, venues, and the times those goods will reach the destinations.

Though it sounds easy, this is a Herculean task and logistics companies in India play a significant role in this process. While house shifting alone takes a lot of manpower and consumes time, imagine what it takes for small- and medium-sized enterprises to shift their goods from the origin to the destination.

Often, organisations spend a lot of money, and there is a delay in consignments reaching the destination. In such cases, enterprises have to navigate huge losses that affect the business and the company’s reputation among customers.

Do your homework

Instead of randomly selecting logistics companies, small- and medium-sized enterprises should zero in on a proper logistics service provider that makes the shifting hassle-free and easy. There is nothing wrong with conducting a background verification check of logistics companies and selecting one after appropriate research. At the end of the day, everyone wants their goods to reach the destination without any damage and on time.

If possible, one can also contact other organisations that have availed the services of logistics companies. If you talk to more people, you will get a better idea of the reliability of the logistics company and select the right one to transport your goods. Also, the trust factor will increase if you speak to companies that have availed of these services.

Price matters

The biggest and most important criteria for logistics services is the price. Many B2B logistics companies in India deliver maximum results at a minimum cost. Choose a suitable and reliable one. Many logistics service providers quote a lower amount without compromising on the quality and deliver it on time, thus making your life simpler. Find the perfect logistics company services that can efficiently cater to all your needs.

Cutting-edge technology

Technological advances are changing the logistics industry across the globe. Whether shipment tracking systems or GPS (Global Positioning System) accuracy, the world is at your fingertips.

You can track your goods from the comfort of your home or office. Further, sensors built into cargo ships, trains, and other modes of transport can track everything live. Technology is a big boon to logistics companies as the companies can be informed about precisely where the truckload is and at what time it will reach the destination.

With cutting-edge technologies, logistics service providers can give better services and experiences to their customers.

Shipping and retail logistics

Retailers have now moved away from a conventional supply chain setup. They rarely need to go to stores or arrange for that last mile in freight distribution. After placing bulk orders, retailers can track their goods online and ensure that they receive timely deliveries.

Shipping logistics companies should have the largest logistics network for both import and export. Choose an appropriate shipping logistics company that can help in shipping and logistics management without any issues. In cross-border shipping, choose a global shipping logistics provider that can transport your goods without any customs issues.

Also, a logistics company should offer various services, including warehousing, fulfilment, and transportation. Whether the enterprise is large or small, choose a logistic service provider who offers you all the services, and not just one. The logistics freight solutions should have earned an excellent reputation.

With the advent of e-commerce companies, cross-border logistics have gained greater significance as enterprises can order anything that helps them take it to the end customer. Global trade has increased air cargo logistics, and transport logistics companies are on the rise.

Forwarder logistics providers help businesses to relocate easily from one city to another. They even ship goods from one country to another. Enterprises can rely on them as these forwarding logistics have vast experience in logistics. They arrange for trucks, move goods from the origin to the airport, and move goods from the airport to the destination via trucks after reaching the destination country.

More than anything else, enterprises look for proper packaging, ensuring the goods are undamaged. Packaging plays a significant role as goods can include fragile items such as Porcelain cutlery or expensive glassware and statues. Ultimately, logistics companies’ reputation lies in delivering goods without any damage. Even if there is slight damage, the reputation of the company goes for a toss.

The way packaging is important, information on the cardboard boxes is similarly essential. Terms such as ‘fragile’ or instructions to store the item at a particular temperature ascertain that your goods reach their destination without undergoing damage. Finally, companies need to select the right kind of packaging to minimise the losses due to damage in transit.


If a hassle-free shipping experience is a priority, another crucial concern is the shipment reaching the destination on time. Business enterprises should choose a logistics company so that they meet the delivery date promised to their customers. They allow businesses to take a breather without worrying about the laws in the destination countries.

Long delays of goods might affect organisations, and hence, businesses should double-check before handing over the consignment to the logistics companies. Sometimes, there might be container traffic, and ferry terminals might be crowded, thus delaying the goods. In such cases, enterprises should calculate the days accordingly and assign the work to logistics providers a few days in advance.

Very large or small stocks pose a major problem to enterprises. The companies that wait for the consignments to produce their goods should plan efficiently to meet the deadlines. Companies need to identify whether their inventory is sufficient to produce goods till the consignments reach their factories.


Logistics service providers play a significant role in various businesses. They are the pillars that support all businesses to flourish and, in turn, aid in uplifting the economy. At the same time, small- and medium-sized enterprises should focus on the price and deadline and choose the proper logistics service provider who can help them in multiple ways.

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