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Importance of Delhivery for your business

JULY 16, 2021

Delhivery, as a shipping logistics company, assists small and medium business enterprises (SMEs) in standing up to their customers’ expectations. With the introduction of the eCommerce market, businesses’ needs have also changed drastically. The eCommerce industry has seen a boom in current times due to the ongoing pandemic. Customers expect same-day delivery from organisations. You also need to provide reliable delivery services to your customers. By associating with Delhivery, you can save yourself the pain of delivering goods and services at individual customer’s doorsteps. Delhivery, as your shipping and logistics partner, will reach each household to provide the goods and services offered by your business.

How can Delhivery improve your service?

Delhivery works as a shipping and logistics company and partners with SMEs when they outsource the task of delivering their goods to customers. Some of the benefits you will enjoy by associating with Delhivery are:

1. Variety of options for delivery

You will get several delivery options for shipping and logistics at Delhivery. From options such as same-day delivery to inventory control, you get everything here. Fast and reliable delivery has become a norm and any business that is not offering the same faces repercussions in the market. The more options you provide to your customers, the happier they will be.

2. Affordable and reliable delivery

While hiring a delivery service partner, you must look not just at the cost but check the services offered by the company, too. You must ensure you are using a reliable and affordable delivery service to satisfy your customer’s needs. By associating with Delhivery’s supply chain logistics network, you can relax and concentrate on other business areas as you get among the best services.

3. Easy tracking of goods

Goods to be delivered in large quantities can throw up various challenges. Hence, we recommend that one should continuously track their parcels. Businesses can monitor their shipments’ movements and track any missing parcels. You can track your orders in real-time and estimate when your shipment will arrive at the specified destination through our Delhivery portal.

4. Customer satisfaction

The top priority of eCommerce logistics companies is customer satisfaction. Shipping logistics companies can enhance the relationship between a business and its customers. Delhivery offers varied delivery service options and sends an acknowledgement and email to customers for booking confirmation. You can also get time slots as per your preference with us.

5. Timely delivery of orders

Assuring deliveries whenever a customer requires them is crucial. Responsible shipping transport companies ensure that no obstacles stop them from the timely supply of goods. Delhivery supports different types of delivery options, including same-day delivery service. We assure you that your customer will stay satisfied with our delivery services.

6. Improved management of inventory

Shipping and logistics management is very crucial in the transportation of logistics. There should be efficient management of goods transportation. At times, goods are to be shipped to faraway locations. Sometimes, in unfortunate circumstances, you may need to store the goods in a safe place or warehouse to prevent product damage. That’s why it’s important shipping and logistics companies coordinate with warehouses where goods are kept in temporary or long-term storage. Enterprises partnering with Delhivery can relax as we ensure complete control over your designated inventory to avoid any logistical errors during emergencies.

7. Improved regulatory compliance

When you have to ship your freight outside a state or province, you need to comply with all regulations within the country, which can be a cumbersome process. International shipping and logistics require a lot of compliance work; hence, an alliance with a shipping and logistics company will prove beneficial for your company. If your enterprise wants to transport goods globally, they can contact Delhivery and get one of the best global shipping services.

8. Simplified reverse freight

One of the highest costs and profit-related issues in freight movement or logistics is reverse logistics. Whenever a customer receives wrong, damaged, or incomplete orders, it can become difficult to return the product and manage the inventory. Delhivery quickly fixes these errors and manages the relationship between the enterprise and customer properly.

9. Future growth of the enterprise

Delhivery has a strong supply chain network. It keeps in touch with shipping transport companies and fixes all issues very quickly. Hence, businesses can work efficiently and smartly.

Why do you need effective shipping and logistics management?

Logistics management is identified as a core concern for businesses. Delhivery offers efficient and effective shipping and logistics management. Some of the advantages of our services are:

1. Increased visibility

Through logistics management, SMEs can have greater visibility on the supply chain. This provides businesses with better control over costs and enables them to spot supply chain problems and gain more insight into business opportunities.

2. Decreased responsibilities

With the help of shipping and logistics management, SMEs can reduce their burden of looking for warehouses and shipping costs.

3. Enhanced customer experience

Excellent customer service plays a significant role in repeat sales. Delivering orders accurately and quickly will help you improve your customer experience, which will enhance brand loyalty and future sales.

4. Preventing losses

Logistics management helps prevent loss in many ways. First, it mitigates loss through accurate inventory accounting. Secondly, it allows companies to track the movement of shipments so that goods do not get misplaced. It also ensures proper storage conditions such as moisture management and temperature control.

5. Maintain the competitive edge

Delivering orders on time is a fundamental aspect of enhanced customer experience and satisfaction. An enterprise must associate with a good shipping logistics company to maintain a brand reputation and acquire new buyers. Delhivery assists a company in delivering goods on time and also sharpening its competitive edge.

In a nutshell

Ultimately, SMEs using Delhivery’s services for business logistics can benefit in many ways, including cost savings and essential improvements in the supply chain flow. One can control the entire supply chain network with proper management. Small and medium enterprises can ultimately exercise better strategies to retain their customers and focus on their growth.

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