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Small brands big dreams: How Delhivery enables data-driven operations for small and medium enterprises

JULY 2, 2021

A typical small and medium enterprise (SME) manages their logistics on emails, spreadsheets, and challans from courier companies. It proves to be an inefficient way to manage orders, offering absolutely no insights into the business. Who are your top customers, are your same-day deliveries profitable, which channel has the least returns — you have no way of knowing.

This is why we designed Delhivery SME, our new SME-focussed logistics services, that bring e-commerce grade technology and data science capabilities to every small business owner in the country.

Here are some of the key insights you can get with Delhivery SME.

#1 Complete visibility of shipping and logistics

This is the most basic view that your logistics partner must offer. With Delhivery’s shipping dashboard, you can see, in real-time, how many orders you’ve booked, how many picked up, how many in transit, where, what is the expected date of delivery, cancellations, returns — the entire gamut. You can also see the costs associated with each of these aspects, giving you a clear view of what you’re paying and its ROI.

But that’s only the beginning. With Delhivery’s dashboards, you can glean a lot more insights.

#2 Demand trends and forecasting

The financial distress caused due to inaccurate stocking, mismanagement of goods, and failed deliveries is reduced. Based on the orders you are shipping; you can make predictions about your demand.

  • The data on the customer demand and their buying behaviour is analysed to get insights on how to plan and optimize warehouse inventory.
  • The failure patterns are drawn from the collected data and are worked upon to minimize delivery errors and set the seal on On-time delivery.

As you dive deeper in insights, you’ll be able to forecast what the demand in the future would be like. You can strategize your manufacturing and distribution to be in line with future demand. You can also make long-term investments to meet increasing demand and growth. 

#3 Cancellation and return management

Customers cancelling orders or returning items are par for the course in e-commerce. While this is to be expected, they add to your expenses and affect profitability. One of the primary goals of any small business is to reduce returns and cancellations.

Delhivery’s dashboards help you with this. You get a clear view of the returns and cancellations of your orders. You can break this information down to know patterns across products, locations, price, channel, mode of payment etc. From these insights, you can address the gaps in your manufacturing and distribution systems to minimise returns and cancellations.

For example, if you learn that most cancellations happen on cash-on-delivery, in that case, it might be that the customer is continuing to shop elsewhere because they have not made a financial commitment to you. You can prioritise pre-paid orders or incentivise COD customers in some way to prevent this. Or, if you learn that all your returns were because the products were damaged in transit, you can strengthen your packaging. You can also choose a partner like Delhivery, who can handle packaging and warehousing to ensure all orders are delivered carefully.

The orders that are returned due to:

  • Invalid customer address
  • Customer unavailable to receive the order
  • Failed attempts to redeliver the order
  • Customer receiving the damaged product

Return to origin (RTO) predictor helps in sending the order back to the seller’s respective address. The supply chain is reversed, where the order moves from customer to the seller. Once the order is returned to the seller, it can be added back to warehouse for resale after confirming the working condition of the product.

#4 Real-time order tracking

Dashboards don’t just mean high-level views. It also includes granular details. When a customer calls or emails you asking for their order status, you will always have status updates to offer them. Delhivery enables real-time tracking on all shipments, giving you clear visibility into where any order is at any point in time. In fact, you can let customers check their orders themselves too, or send SMS messages with information!

Words like big data, data science, machine learning etc., are often seen as out-of-reach for small and medium businesses. People assume that data-driven insights are expensive, time-consuming and need high-end technology infrastructure. It is this very myth that Delhivery SME aims to break.

When you choose Delhivery as your ecommerce logistics, you don’t need to pay exorbitant additional fees for the technology capabilities. Our competitive rates for our logistics solutions include the dashboards and data science outcomes we enable. You don’t need any high-end computer to access them either. A simple app on your mobile phone would do the trick.

Explore how Delhivery’s operational insights can transform your business. Speak to a Delhivery consultant today!

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