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Take Your Small Business Global: Here’s how Delhivery Cross-Border Can Empower You To Do That

SEPTEMBER 17, 2021

In the last century, globalisation opened trade borders and allowed large Indian corporations to expand their operations across the world. Today, the advent of Internet and e-commerce has offered that opportunity for small and medium enterprises (SMEs) as well. In fact, the micro, small and medium enterprises (MSME) segment are expected to contribute over 60% of India’s exports by 2022.

Just because something is possible does not mean it’s easy. While large corporations have their own fleet, fulfilment services and centres, SMEs have to rely on logistics partners to get their products across borders. This leaves most of the operations out of their control and prone to challenges.

For starters, they need to coordinate with multiple vendors — one each for warehousing, shipping, transportation, customs, last-mile delivery etc. This makes the process a lot more complex, from unnecessary paperwork to difficult returns processing. And equally frustrating. A small business owner will not have the time or energy to resolve issues across multiple parties in various time zones through phone and email.

Customs can be intimidating. Small business owners are hardly savvy about the international shipping processes, customs guidelines, local clearance rules etc. As a result, they end up with products stuck in customs, delayed delivery, and customers themselves having to sort out issues. Worst case, they could fall into legal troubles and have their products banned from several countries.

Shipping expenses can overshoot the value of the product itself. This ends up being a lose-lose relationship for the SME and the customer. For instance, if shipping charges are separate, the customer might not be willing to bear the expense. If the SME has to bear it, it might result in losses.

While working with SMEs, we learned that they are reluctant to sell to customers abroad, considering these challenges. They miss out on the humongous opportunities that exports present merely for lack of a reliable logistics partner. To help such SMEs, we built Delhivery SME.

End-to-end international shipping logistics with Delhivery SME

Delhivery Cross-Border is a comprehensive solution for Indian businesses to buy and sell inventory across the globe. We have helped some of the world’s largest brands and e-commerce players import and export their products. Now, we bring those capabilities to every small and medium enterprise.

  • We are part of Starfleet — our global alliance of leading logistics providers and a network of clearance agents and forwarders — serving all major business hubs across the world
  • Our partners are well-versed in customs processes ensuring smooth delivery
  • Our in-house data science and advanced analytics capabilities to enable SMEs to optimise their export processes regularly
  • We have a highly structured reverse logistics and returns management for B2B and B2C shipping

Here are Delhivery’s primary cross-border offerings.

#1 Air express and cargo services

For faster shipping, Delhivery Cross-Border offers air fleet. With our partnership with the top airlines — we offer global express and freight services. Once you book your consignments to be flown, we handle door-to-door delivery of your goods in impeccable condition. For time-critical, high-value, and personalised delivery, we also offer on-demand charter booking options.

There is more:

  • Real-time tracking of shipment location
  • Weekly space allocation on key traffic lanes for regular deliveries and damage-free transits
  • Bulk break options at the destination to consolidate packages before further distribution

#2 Ocean freight

For economic, long-haul shipping, Delhivery Cross-Border provides ocean freight services with door-to-door fulfilment. Our network comprises significant port liners for smoother port-to-port movements.

  • Full-container load or less-than-container load based on the demand
  • Temperature-controlled containers (reefers) to ensure the integrity of your packages during the long-haul
  • Multi-modal services for seamless door-to-door connectivity
  • Real-time visibility with frequent alerts to the business owners

#3 Road freight

Not all import/export needs ocean or air freights. For shipping within SAARC countries, Delhivery offers specialised road freight services with the same door-to-door delivery convenience of other shipment models.

Some of the key features:

  • We have a thoroughly connected on-road freight network across the SAARC nations
  • Full-truckload or partial truckload based on SME needs
  • Accurate real-time tracking of shipments

In case of any hurdles on the way, we arrange for on-demand warehousing services for temporarily holding your cargo so that you need not incur any detention charges. Irrespective of the mode of transport you choose for your business, we have sufficient warehousing services (self and agent networks) — with options of bonded, non-bonded and Free Trade Zone (FTZ) warehousing — at major ports and cities. We enable thorough visibility for the small business owner even within the warehousing facility using our in-house warehouse management system.

With Delhivery’s Cross-Border end-to-end international shipping and fulfilment services, you can dare to dream beyond the country’s borders. With exceptional services and competitive prices, Delhivery SME proudly puts Indian businesses on the global map.

To begin or streamline your international shipping services, contact a Delhivery executive today!

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