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What small and medium businesses need for surviving the pandemic

JUNE 21, 2021

A vast majority of the small and medium enterprises (SMEs) surveyed said that they were going to scale down their business at the back of a pandemic. Only 13% of businesses expect growth. A key aspect of that growth is through e-commerce courier service. This has been an important trend since the last year. More and more small businesses are choosing online as their primary channel — be it their own online storefront, marketplaces or social media stores like on Facebook or Instagram.

While online can be an important channel for sales, products still need to be delivered to people in the real world. The logistics of e-commerce can be overwhelming for SMEs, solopreneurs and those who are new to selling online.

Delhivery SME is designed with exactly these problems in mind. Learning from our experience delivering millions of orders throughout the pandemic, we’ve built a unique logistics solution to meet small business needs.

Low-contact pickup

Our delivery partners are comprehensively trained in COVID-19 protocol. On our user-friendly app, you can schedule pickups as per your convenience. Our teams will follow all safety measures, maintain social distancing, and pickup products securely. This is not just for regular packages, but also for high-value items, hazardous materials and so on.

Optimising fulfilment

As a nation-wide player with the capability to deliver to 17000+ pin codes, we are your one-stop-shop for all orders. Our data science-driven fulfilment solutions optimise order delivery times dynamically.

Even before a customer places the order, our proprietary solution ‘Addfix’ helps you verify whether their location is in a containment zone. If yes, you have the option to either decline the order or postpone it for a later date. This will empower you with the information you need to be transparent with your buyers, improving customer loyalty, despite testing times.

Handling returns and cancellations

The average ‘courier delivery service’ isn’t built to handle e-commerce. They aren’t prepared for cancellations, rescheduling and returns the way Delhivery is. Our end-to-end logistics solutions include warehouse and inventory management too, giving you better flexibility in handling orders.

Enabling trust with information

Unlike earlier, as the pandemic hit, the key differentiator for any online seller is not speed or immediacy. Customers are often happy to wait for a day or two to receive their products. What they value more is timely information and updates. Knowing where their product is and when it will arrive is fundamental to good e-commerce customer experience today. Delhivery understands this and enable this seamlessly.

Your customers can track their orders in real-time throughout the day by themselves, without needing to call you for updates. We can also trigger SMS-based updates to your customers from time to time.

End-to-end logistics for small businesses

Delhivery isn’t just a courier delivery service. We are an end-to-end logistics company with a mission to be the operating system for your business. Our teams can help you with safely packaging your products, managing your inventory, warehousing, shipping, last-mile delivery as well as exports. When you work with us, your time and energy is freed to create great products. Taking it to the hands of your customers is on us.

Operational intelligence

Delhivery also brings e-commerce grade data science technologies to build operational intelligence for your business. Through Delhivery dashboards, you can see insights about your orders, customers, demand trends, shipping costs etc. For instance, you can explore answers to:

  • Where are my orders from?
  • How long is it taking to deliver my orders?
  • What are the cost differences in same-day delivery and regular delivery modes?
  • How is my demand impacting my warehousing expenses?
  • What products have most returns? Where from?

With business insights like these at your fingertips, you can design your business strategy to maximise profits. This will be especially valuable during the pandemic when every penny saved is a penny earned. Moreover, you can channel your limited time and resources towards areas that bring you maximum profits.

If you’re a small business looking to grow your online channel, speak to a Delhivery consultant today!

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