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Why is Delhivery the preferred ecommerce courier partner for your shopify store

JULY 9, 2021


Having an online presence is paramount for businesses of any size. You can create an online store with a payment gateway in minutes. Moving the product and delivering as promised is the challenge. For a customer buying online, there are a plethora of options. Customers are experience-driven. Delivery of orders is an integral part of that experience.

Cash on delivery is a preferred mode of payment and constitutes 65% of orders booked online. Cancellation due to delayed delivery is a logistic nightmare as it leads to reverse logistics and increased cost. Today your online business is as strong as your logistics. Partnering with one of the best courier partner for ecommerce is the key to success.

Advantages of a logistic partner

The cost

Ecommerce logistics is not about dispatching goods to customer's addresses. A quick response is what the customers want. Businesses have to deliver to the customers within the cost parameters. ecommerce logistics companies service a large customer base and have the required infrastructure and expertise. They work on economies of scale and are a lower-cost alternative to self-managed logistics.

They offer an unparalleled experience to their customers at low costs in India. Delhivery has an option of partial truckload for sellers who still do not have a critical mass for a full load. Having a wide array of services ranging from b2c e-commerce, Cross Border, Warehousing Services, and Part-TruckLoad is why Delhivery is gaining traction in onboarding smaller businesses.They have a customer base of over 21000 customers, including the top e-commerce platforms in India, and have the necessary infrastructure to provide end-to-end services at competitive costs.

The infrastructure

A close review of the infrastructure is essential while partnering with an ecommerce logistic company. Online customers are exhibiting behavior that is evolving rapidly. They form an opinion about the brand on app loading/site loading time, the ease of navigation, the payment options at the checkout, and secure and fast delivery. ecommerce logistics is an essential stage in the online purchase cycle. You can create competitive differentiation with the accuracy and speed of delivery.

It’s a far-fetched dream in India due to the size and varied geography. To ensure accurate, safe, and on-time deliveries, you would need a network of warehouses, trucking terminals, transport fleet, and expertise and knowledge to do it right every time.

Delhivery, since its inception, our team has successfully fulfilled over 1 billion orders across India. We have built a nation-wide network with a presence in every state, servicing over 17000 pin codes. 21 automated sort centres, 86 gateways, 80+ fulfilment centres, 2235 self-managed centres, over 1100 constellation partner centres and a team of over 66000 people make it possible for us to deliver 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. We are Delhivery.

If you target customers nationally, you can leverage the partnership with Delhivery as they offer warehouses for ecommerce companies and ecommerce fulfilment services to emerging online brands.

The technology

The technology has reduced human effort and errors in the logistic and warehousing world. With technology solutions, companies can manage:

  • Lower effort and errors in receiving and put away during inbound.
  • Reduction in errors in picking and dispatch during outbound.
  • Sorting and stock reconciliation
  • Space allocation and sorting.
  • Fleet management and fleet tracking.
  • Order cancellation
  • Reverse logistics.
  • Manage a higher customer satisfaction Index.

Customers are experience-driven and demand accuracy and visibility from the time they make a purchase. You have to cater to this demand if you are targeting customer loyalty. Partnering up with courier services for ecommerce websites is as important as the design of the website. An immersive design will engage the customer, and a successful delivery will ensure a repurchase.

Delhivery has a backbone of 80+ fulfilment centres across India for your storage and processing needs. You can scale up your operations nationally without any fixed cost. Delhivery helps you to focus on whatever you do the best while we do the heavy lifting.

The offshore reach

The aspect of the offshore business is lucrative also and is a good alternative for expansion. The government of India is export-centric. If you are aspiring to take your product offshores, setting up a logistic chain is essential. One should be abreast with route optimisation, documentation, tracking, and international trade rules.

Having a logistic partner deft in handling cross-border operations can be suitable for small businesses looking for expansion. With Delhivery by your side, you can buy and sell your goods across borders. Delhivery, through its alliance with Starfleet, opens doors to a network of Clearing agents and forwarders to cater to your needs for offshore logistics.

Delhivery offers a multi-transport model, express fulfilment, consolidation centres, and free trade warehousing to strengthen your international business. It also provides real-time cargo visibility, online CHA( Clearing House Agent) and gateway management, and real-time visibility of origin and destination clearance, thus making your offshore business a cakewalk.


Having an online presence is the way to survive and grow. With the advent of the pandemic, there is an inclination of customers towards online and contactless deliveries. In eCommerce, retaining the customer is as important as growing the base. As the cost of doing business with new customers is higher. A happy customer exercises repeat purchases and play a crucial role in brand advocacy,

You can lead the show in the eCommerce world by creating, communicating, and delivering superior value to the end consumer so that whenever they make a purchase, they come to your Shopify store. Using the Delhivery app available on the Shopify app store, you can seamlessly link your Shopify store to Delhivery for hassle-free shipping. Having a flexible, scalable, cost-effective platform that adds superior value to your SCM operations is essential. With Delhivery by your side, you can be assured of delivering superior value to your end consumers and making a mark in the eCommerce space.

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