Your Business is Going Online, Your Shipping and Logistics Should Too!

Design Shipping & Logistics To Your Online Business Needs

The Indian e-commerce market is expected to reach $200 billion by 2026. The rapid digitisation and internet penetration in the country has enabled an enormous push for e-commerce this past decade. The pandemic has only added to the growth. As a result, businesses that previously only had a seller page in giant e-commerce marketplaces or a social […]

4 Things Ambitious Small Business Owners Need for 2021 and Beyond

When we think of businesses, we often think of large multi-national multi-billion-dollar enterprises. However, very few of us think of the neighbourhood kirana store, the lady who sells cute baby socks from her house, or the roadside furniturewala as a flourishing business. When, in fact, it is small businesses like these that form the backbone […]

How Delhivery Ensures Millions of Packages Are Delivered Accurately Each Month

Delhivery's B2C Fulfilment Service

Recently, Delhivery celebrated the delivery of our one-billionth order.In the last decade, we’ve served across 17000+ pin codes in India, in addition to 21000+ businesses. We work with some of the world’s largest e-commerce companies as well as thousands of small and medium enterprises (SMEs) in shipping and logistics. We are able to achieve unmatched accuracy and efficiency — at […]

Why SME’s need responsive ecommerce logistics and how to get one

Need of Responsive Ecommerce Logistics By SMEs

In a recent study, 49% Indians said they preferred ecommerce sites and apps for shopping in the last 12 months. Before the pandemic, this would have been unthinkable. Today, the convenience and controllability of ecommerce has accelerated its growth. Especially for small and medium enterprises (SMEs). Cash on delivery is a preferred mode of payment and constitutes […]

From warehouse to doorstep: Life of a shipment with Delhivery

Hello, world! I am an exquisite Tanjore painting. My artist in Bangalore has meticulously painted me in red and embellished with gold plates all over. I am set within a wooden frame, covered by a sheet of glass. A patron from Delhi has ordered me for her new home. She has asked for express shipping. I’m getting […]

Importance of Delhivery for your business

Importance of Shipping & Logistics Partner Delhivery

Delhivery, as a shipping logistics company, assists small and medium business enterprises (SMEs) in standing up to their customers’ expectations. With the introduction of the eCommerce market, businesses’ needs have also changed drastically. The eCommerce industry has seen a boom in current times due to the ongoing pandemic. Customers expect same-day delivery from organisations. You […]

Eight ways to reduce the operational cost of your shipping business

If your business heavily relies on shipping and logistics (such as e-commerce) or you run a shipping business, then there are high chances that your margins would have taken a hit in recent times due to higher shipping costs. The huge demand for home delivery, coupled with a shortage of truck drivers in this pandemic, […]